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Cartridges - In-line

In-line Bioceramic

Bioceramic cartridges are made of ceramic filtration material. The filtration material, in the form of ceramic balls, is produced with carefully selected ceramic clay and porous binding material. The production process involves dissipation, sieving, compacting and frying. The surface is hard and micro-porous. In addition, this material is characterized by a larger functional surface and has more pores.

On contact with water, the hallmarks of bioceramic cartridges are:
- a greater capacity for impurity removal,
- reduced pressure loss,
- prolonged filtration period,
- reduced water usage in reverse filtration.

The new, original design of the material increases water throughput, increases water quality and reduces energy usage.


In-line mineral

Mineralizing MIN-1L cartridges saturate water with mineral salt ions. The appropriate dissipation of minerals contained in the cartridge filling causes their dissolution in water. This, in turn, improves the taste and smell of water.

Installed after the RO membrane.

Utilized in the following systems:
-RO 6 [ARO-6]
-RO Magnum [ARO-A-MGN]
-RO Seven Stars [ARO-A-STAR]


In-line sediment

This polypropylene fibre cartridge removes mechanical impurities, such as:
- sand,
- river mud,
- fluvial silt,
- rust,
- pollen,
- microorganisms,
- carbon dust and other sediments

Micron ratings: 5 micron
Working Temp.: 2-28ºC
Connection: 1/4"
Installed after RO membrane.

Utilised in the following systems:
-RO Magnum [ARO-A-MGN]


In-line GranularActivated Carbon

The carbon GAC cartridges are made of granular coconut shell activated carbon. They utilise activated carbon's ability to absorb chemical impurities.

GAC improve the taste and smell of water, reducing:
- mechanical impurities
- chlorine and its poisonous compounds
- lead and toxic heavy metals
- bacteria
- pesticides
- detergents and phenoles

Installed before and after the RO membrane.

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