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Water alarm
[AP -A-KD112]

Flood alarm. An automatic water detector utilised in households and office spaces. Placed in the vicinity of hydraulic devices, it emits an alarm signal in case of leakage.

Technical data:
Power source: 9V battery
Working temperature: 1 - 60 ºC
Reaction time: 7 sec
Noise intensity: up to 85dB



Hydrostopper is an electronic water alarm that cuts off water supply when there is a leakage. It is an easy to use, convenient and small device.

Its unique construction allowed to install a small single battery 1.5V as a power supply. Hydrostopper is also applicable for installation with hot water up to 38ºC.


Flow Stopper

An anti-leaking device protecting the room against flooding caused by a leakage in filter. The device is installed on the inlet tube supplying water to the filter. It cuts off water inflow once it has contact with a leaking water.


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