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Ion-exchange resin

Leader ion-exchange resin is a strongly acidic cation resin. It removes ions causing water hardness (calcium and magnesium) replacing them with sodium ions. When the exchange capacity of the bed is exhausted and the ions causing water hardness get to the drain, the exchange capacity is regenerated with sodium chloride during the regeneration process.

The resin is certified with PZH certificate and applicable for softening drinking water.

High purity, premium grade, pretreated, strongly acidic gel-type cation exchange resin specially designed for residential drinking water treatment. Guarantees minimal color throw and eliminates taste and odor. Specially treated to eliminate leaching of organic matter


Activated carbon

Activated carbon is produced from carefully sellected bituminous coals and coconut shells. Thanks to its unique adsorbing properties activated carbon is used to remove organic substances responsible for the taste, odour and colour of water. Activated carbon removes chlorine and products of incomplete disinfection and oxidation (chlorinated organic compounds and trichalometans that are harmful to human health)

-high purity, acid washed active carbon
-high quality coconut active carbon
-highest adsorption, increased adsorption

Specific surface BET (m2/g)- 950
Jodine value (mg/g)- 900
Humidity (%)- 2,0
Ash (%)- max. 12
Hardness (%)- 96
Bulk density (g/l)- 500
Granule diameter (mm)- 0,425-1,70 (12x40)

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