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Iron Remover

Increased concentration of iron and manganese in water, causes pipe obstruction and may lead to the formation of visible stains in sanitary appliances and laundry. Iron badly affects the taste, odour and turbidity of water. Iron removers are filled with catalytic bed called birm, which removes iron and manganese. Birm is not used up during the process of water treatment and the contaminants are removed during backwash. Before the water is treated it needs to be properly aired. The regeneration process does not require any chemicals, as the bed is rinsed automatically during backwash.

Technical specification:
- connection - 1"
- working pressure 1,8 - 6 bar
- max. water temp. 38 ºC
- power supply 230 V/50Hz
- voltage 12V/50 Hz
- power consumption 3 W


Iron Remover BD40 with BIRM

Acting like a catalyst BIRM causes oxidation of Fe2+ to Fe3+, as a result of which insoluble, easy-to-filter iron hydroxide is created. Its mechanical properties make BIRM an extremely efficient filtration bed that can be easily rinsed by the use of water in a simple counter-current washing cycle. BIRM does not lose its capacity during working cycles-therefore it is extremely cost-effective.
Other advantages include:
-long bed life
-wide range of working temperature
-high bed capacity
Running costs are very low as there is no need to use any substance to regenerate the bed. BIRM is rinsed by the use of water only.
While using Iron Remover with BIRM it is important to take into account the following conditions:
-water must not contain oil or poliphosphates
-the amount of organic substances must be lower than 4-5ppm
-the amount of dissolved oxygen in water should equate the minimum of 15% of iron at the minimum pH level 6,8. If pH value of raw water is lower than 6,8, then it may be neutralised by the use of calcite or soda before the filtration proper. If there is low concenrtation of dissolved oxygen in raw water, then it should be aired first. Adding chemical substances to raw water or to water used for bed rinsing may seriously impede the iron- and manganese removing capacity or clog the bed competely. Chlorination substantially decreases the capacity of BIRM. High concentration of chlorine compounds may lead to a complete exhaustion of BIRM's filtration capacity. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure whether a chemical substance you would like to add to raw water has got any influence on BIRM's filtration capacity.

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