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Industrial water filters - RO systems

RO 500 GPD

Semi-industrial water filtration systems based on reverse osmosis are destined to purify water used for industrial purposes. They are popular with restaurants, laboratories, pharmacies, factories and other places with an increased demand for high-quality water.

The systems are equipped with a special water pump of increased capacity, which allows to obtain water from the local water supply systems. The pump can work in long time cycles and is more efficient than the pumps used in standard RO systems.

The construction of RO 500 GPD allows for the installation of 3-6 membranes, which, in turn, icreases the capacity range of the whole system (from 300 to 600 GPD). RO 500 GPD is equipped with the so-called membrane "auto-flushing" that is initiated every time the filtration process starts. The membrane is automatically rinsed for several seconds, which removes contaminants and bacteria that may appear on the surface of membrane. RO 500 GPD is a perfect solution in bars, restaurants, where clear water is a must.


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