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Permeate Pump

In traditional RO systems increased pressure causes a drop in membrane output. The Permeate Pump enures a constant flow of water into the tank even if in the tank there is already high pressure.

The pump increases water quality and increases membrane durability. The pump reduces sewage to 80% setting an ecological standard. It is not powered by electricity, it utilizes the concentrate water pressure to push the purified water into the tank. The pump increases membrane durability and system effectiveness.

Advantages of the Permeate Pump:
- Not powered by electricity
- increases water quality and membrane effectiveness
- Prevents the increase of TDS
- increases tank filling rate by 65%
- decreases the amount of water flowing into sewage by 80%
- works with membranes of capacities between 50 and 120 GPD
- minimum working presssure as low as 2 Bar

Dimensions: 90 x 85 mm (height x diameter)


RO pump
[AP-PMP-0050-SET] [AP-PMP-0100-SET]

Assistant pump for RO systems, utilized in cases of low pipeline pressure. It increases RO system effectiveness.

Power voltage - 24 VDC
Maximum pressure - 100 Psi (6,9 Bar)
Open flow - 0,31 GPD (1,2 l/min)
Max. amperage intake - 0,16 A

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