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Office water filter parts - Water alarms

Water alarm

An automatic water detector utilised in households and office spaces. Placed in the vicinity of hydraulic devices, it emits an alarm signal in case of leakage.

Technical data:
Power source: 9V battery
Working temperature: 1 - 60 ºC
Reaction time: 7 sec
Noise intensity: up to 85dB



Hydrostopper is an electronic water alarm that cuts off water supply when there is a leakage. It is an easy to use, convenient and small device. Its unique construction allowed to install a small single battery 1.5V as a power supply. Hydrostopper is also applicable for installation with hot water up to 38ºC.


Flow Stopper

An anti-leaking device protecting the room against flooding caused by a leakage in filter. The device is installed on the inlet tube supplying water to the filter. It cuts off water inflow once it has contact with a leaking water.


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