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Our Group - Mission and Vision

The Bluefilters Group is committed to being the world`s leader in producing and distributing water filtration solutions, water filters and parts to them. Thanks to our products we would like to provide healthy and pure, drinking water to people throughout the world. The shrinking fresh water supplies cause people to find different solutions for water filtration, therefore we continuously improve our products and set the standards for others as: Only the best is good enough.

By anticipating our customers needs and surpassing their expectations through excellence of service, product innovation and care of the environment, we sustain the long-term business partnerships that assure our future. A global network of partners spanning Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Latvia and others enables the Bluefilters Group to operate locally, yet organize globally.

Moreover, we encourage and support the continuous improvement and well-being of our employees as the most valuable asset of our group. Bluefilters Team does their utmost to deliver highest value to our customers and business partners.

Today, our mission is to provide best quality water to every home and care for the environment, as proven by the fact that we have:

  • geothermal heating
  • air recuperation
  • filtered process water used for watering lawns and flowers
  • highest standards for thermal insulation of buildings
  • energy saving lighting
  • filters made of recycable materials
  • recycable packaging
  • 300 trees planted around factory.

Bluefilters leave a low carbon footprint. This means that the whole process of production of a product from raw material extraction, production, use, to disposal and recycling, is characterized by minimal emission of greenhouse gases.

low carbon footprint Our Group - Mission and vision