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Drinking Water

Drinking water is associated primarily with its consumption at home. However, most people in the world stay outside for a few or even several hours a day. This means that in many cases most of the fluids drunk during the day are from uncontrolled sources. That is why it is so important to provide filtered drinking water to any place where drinksor pure water  are prepared or served.
Bluefilters provides solutions tailored to local needs, depending on the application and scale of drinking water filtration. We offer professional systems dedicated to preparing coffee and tea, where the taste and smell of water determine the final assessment of the quality of these beverages. Filtered, safe and tasty drinking water is an essential element in places such as schools, hospitals, stations, airports, offices and other public places
  • Cartridge life: 500/6 L/months
  • Cartridge life: 5500/3 L/months