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Mechanical Water Filter HORECA CWR NewLine


Water filter developed especially for gastronomy and Vending business. Horeca CWR also provides optimal aroma and taste of tea or coffee, the integrated bypass mixes raw water and filtered water in optimal ratio.


During filtration, the ions responsible for the carbonate hardness of the water are removed - thus preventing limescale in the equipment. In addition, the filter reduces unsightly streaks on the surface.

CTO filter cartridge with coconut shell activated carbon significantly enhances the taste and smell of the water and allows effective filtration of pollutants such as chlorine, certain pesticides, solvents, phenols, benzenes and other organic contaminants

340 x 420 x 90 mm
Maksymalne ciśnienie robocze
4 Bar
Maksymalny przepływ
3,8 L/min
Temperatura robocza
2-38 °C
Żywotność wkładu
500/6 L/months
Podłączanie wody zasilającej
3/8 male thread
Czyste połączenie z wodą
3/8 male thread
Próg filtracji
5 mic